Why Obeying God

Makes Sense

WRITTEN BY: Clay Waters Senior Pastor

Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments” (Jh 14:15).  Jesus said our obedience is the true test of our love for Him.  Sometimes, people assume Christians obey God out of duty or out of fear.  They think, “If Christians don’t obey, God may peer over heaven with His machine gun and pull the trigger.”  They think God is a cosmic zapper who enjoys zapping His children if they get out of line. The opposite is true.  We obey God, not out of duty, obligation, or fear.  We obey God out of love. When God commands us to care for the poor, orphan, and the widow; when He commands us to forgive; when He commands us to support Kingdom work through tithing; when God commands us to keep our lives holy and pure, we obey principally for the purpose of expressing our love to Him.


We obey God because we believe He knows what is best for us.  When you think of God, I don’t know what comes to your mind.  One image that comes to mind when I think of God is a doctor.  Jesus seemed to allude to this image when He said, “People who are well don’t need a doctor; people who are sick are the ones who need a doctor.”  I think having an image of God as a doctor is a fitting image.   A good doctor has one primary goal-your health.  Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, pledging they will do you no harm.  Because my doctor is looking out for my health, I gladly turn to him for guidance. 


This is exactly the same reason why we obey God.  God has our best interests in mind.  Like a doctor, He knows some things I don’t know.  God can see further down the road than I can see.  The reason we should obey God is not because God enjoys dropping His heavenly sledgehammer on us when we don’t obey.  We follow His instructions and obey Him because we know He wants the best for our lives.  Ignoring God and His truth keeps us from experiencing His best plan.


Shortly after I became a Christ-follower, one day I remember asking myself a rhetorical question.  I asked myself this question: “Clay, are you more likely to mess up your life, or is God more likely to mess up your life?”  After about a nano second, I came up with the answer—I was more likely to mess up my life.   Obeying God was suddenly cast in a whole new light for me.  Choosing to obey God is the only way to experience His best plan for us.


As a spiritual leader, I often challenge people to do great things for God, but do you know what pleases God more than anything else?  It is not the big, audacious things but the small things.  When you obey God in the simplest and smallest parts of your life, it pleases God more than anything else you could do.  When you take out the trash to serve your wife, God is thrilled.  When you visit someone in a nursing center, it puts a smile on the face of God. When you surf the Internet without clicking on sites that would damage your soul, God is pleased.  When you treat the custodian in your office with the same dignity as the CEO of your company, God is delighted. The Bible says, “It’s better to obey than to sacrifice.”  God is saying nothing we do will ever replace our obedience.  Giving God our time is good; sharing our resources to advance His Kingdom is also smart; making personal sacrifices to help the underprivileged is commendable, but it will never replace your desire to obey God.   

Operation Appreciation 


This summer we will feed every Fire-Fighter and Emergency Station in Durham. Contact Pastor Randall or Jan Perry to volunteer. We will need drivers to deliver meals, as well as food prep (Desserts, vegetables dishes, etc). Families of all ages are invited to join this project. Stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, August 7:   5:00-7PM for 9 Stations

Wednesday, August 21:   5:00-7PM for 9 Stations

Father-Son Retreat: July 19-21


For boys ages 6-13 and dads (grandads/uncles, etc), join us at Camp Caraway. Cost is only $75 per person. 

Canoe, Campfires, Hiking, Water-Sports, Outdoor Recreation, inspirational messages and great food! 

A few spaces are still  available. Contact Pastor Randall ASAP to register.

We are called to give back to God...

"Turn my heart toward your statutes

and not toward selfish gain." Ps. 119:36

to EASILY set your giving account!  You will be so happy you did!

Grey Stone Welcomes

Eric Burmahl

of Seymour Johnson Air Force base

Sunday, June 30th

July is....

Wednesdays @ 6:15pm

(No gathering on July 3rd)

the grey stone

Makes a Difference

The purpose of the Love Ministry is to minister to the home-bound members of Grey Stone Church through visitation, sending of cards, prayer, and service. 

"Thank you for those who serve in this vital ministry." 

Your efforts in providing care and service to members at Grey Stone will have an immediate impact in their life, and an eternal one for the kingdom of God. YOU are making a difference! We are always in need of volunteers. If you are interested in serving or know of any home-bound needs of our members, we would love to hear from you!


Contact Chuck Hemric for more to see how you can help make a difference!

WRITTEN BY: Pastor Randall Education Pastor

Summer J.A.M. 2019

June 23-27

On June 23rd-27th our Legacy Center will transform into a Safari Animal Kingdom! For ages 2yr-completed 5th grade, Summer J.A.M. is something all kids will not want to miss! The J.A.M. in Summer J.A.M. stands for Jesus And Me. We want all kids who join us for this special week to have a personal experience with Jesus and for them to know that he is our Savior and Lord.Summer J.A.M. is designed as a week of discipleship and outreach and we want as many kids possible to join. 


Please share with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone about Summer J.A.M. If you have not registered your child yet, do it Today!!!! 


Summer J.A.M. is not possible without volunteers and we are grateful for all those that are planning on serving with us. If you are interested in serving, please contact our Summer J.A.M. Director and Volunteer Coordinator Chuck Hemric.


Please pray for God to be glorified and to move in the lives of our kids, families, and Volunteers. We can't wait to experience In The Wild Summer J.A.M. 2019!





Young Adults: (20's) with Paul Meyers in Room B304 

Median Adults: (40-60's) with John Speagle in Room B302

Senior Adults: Coming soon!





I DECLARE WAR (Levi Lusko's Battling with Myself): Room A301




Explore the Bible: I + 2 Timothy

Life Bible Studies: Finding Wisdom in Ecclesiastes + Jesus Said... WHAT?

Custom Studies: Transit (College)


  • John King and Ed Punt by Velma Barbee (Disaster Relief)

To the families of...

  • Beth Perry in the loss of her mother

  • Rusty Wilkins in the loss his mother

  • To the family of Wallace Smith

  • Lela Hartso for the loss of her grandmother Itha Barnett


Memory of...

  • Tony Moore by Linda and Harlan Mangum (Legacy)

  • Charles Metts by Sounds of Joy Choir (Sr. Choir);  Judy Fleming, Janet & Donald Snipes, Shirley & Donald Metts, Barbara Pattishall, Ann Jones & Ruth Dew, Florence Ashworth, Betsy Pendergraph, Eugenia Howell, Frances Allen, Linda & Travis Clements, Connie & Fred Roberson, Samuel Warburton, Bryan Turner, Jack Dailey, Tina Johnson, Linda & Harold Strawbridge, Joyce McLamb, Barbara & Richard Gambow, Ralene & John King, Dot & Bucky Waters (Music Ministry)


March 3,  19          $ 41,265.30 

March 10,  19         $ 25,565.25  

March 17  19          $ 37,730.80

March 24,  19        $ 30,089.70

March 31,  19        $ 26,506.80

April  07, 19       580

April 14, 19         554

April  21, 19        901

April 28, 19       568

April 7 , 19            $ 38,944.35

April  14 , 19          $ 30,068.52

April 21 , 19            $ 29,505.10

April 28 , 19           $ 33,291.35

May 05, 19        572

May 12, 19         562

May 19, 19         578

May 26, 19       569


Legacy                        $ 6,789.00
Children                           $ 110.00
Second Mile                $ 1,353.00 
Toronto Mission             $ 140.00

Africa Mission                  $ 66.59

Missions                         $ 975.00

Disaster Relief              $ 800.00

Bible Translation              540.00

Music Ministry             $ 1,515.00

Romania Mission          $ 450.00


Legacy                        $ 3,838.00
Children                          $ 200.00
Second Mile                    $ 740.00
Toronto Mission             $ 420.00

Annie Armstrong           $ 300.00

Missions                           $ 412.00

Lottie Moon                     $ 125.00

Africa Mission                  $ 66.59

Disaster Relief               $ 600.00

Bible Translation            $ 220.00

Music Ministry               $ 350.00

Romania Mission      $  2,492.00

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