WRITTEN BY: Clay Waters Senior Pastor

One of the toughest people in the whole world to forgive is yourself. Chances are good if you don’t learn to forgive yourself, it will impede your ability to give and receive love from others.  I’ve known people who were incredibly forgiving toward others but never quite got around to giving the same level of grace to themselves. Admiral Mike Boorda was one such man.  Mike Boorda was the first enlisted man in the history of the Navy to become the chief of naval operations, the highest-ranking officer in the Navy.  He was appreciated and respected by everyone who served under him.  Why then did he take a .38 caliber handgun, point it at his chest, and pull the trigger?  Why did he take his own life?  For one reason—he couldn’t forgive himself.

According to newspaper and magazine reports, Mike Boorda supposedly made the decision to wear commendation ribbons on his uniform that he didn’t earn.  It was an error in judgment that, in the Navy, could be punishable by court marital. Why would such a promising leader inflict a fatal gunshot to his chest?  I imagine he was embarrassed.  I’m sure he feared the great sense of dishonor that would have ensued if he had been fully exposed.  In the end though, one thing killed Mike Boorda—unforgiveness.  It was his own inability to forgive himself that lead to his tragic death.  

Do you think your sin is too great to forgive?  If it’s not too great for God, why should it be too great for you?   Maybe you’re embarrassed by something you’ve done, or maybe you’re embarrassed by something you didn’t do.  From your perspective, your sin seems overwhelming. Your sin might be great, but it’s not greater than the grace of God. When you come to Christ and confess your sin, He promises to wipe the slate clean. He promises to give you a clear conscience.  God doesn’t want you to live under condemnation. He wants to forgive you and release you from your guilt. Receive His grace and forgiveness by faith.  You don’t have to sweat it out and try to repay God for your mistakes.  In Jeremiah 31:34, God says, “I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”  Why should you remember something God has already forgotten?  When you continue to bring up a failure in your past and habitually ask God to forgive the sin, do you know what God is thinking?  He’s thinking, “What sin? What sin are you talking about?”  He doesn’t remember your sin.  He gives out grace.  Try giving some to yourself. 


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August 25 @ 8:45 & 11:15

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Come out 3-6PM for food trucks, children's activities, live music, & more!




We are excited to be jumping back into our Fall Programming at Grey Stone Kids U on Wednesday Sept 4th. Our kids and families will notice something a little different in our Satellite (1st-5th grade) and Little Naut (4yr olds - Kindergarten). These programs will be collaborating and working together on a Christmas Musical. Both programs will incorporate: Music, Bible Lesson, Games, & Crafts every night throughout the fall. 


Little Lites (2yrs-3yrs), Little Nauts, and Satellite will  run from 6:15pm-7:30pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Jamo to learn more about how your child can be involved. We can't wait to serve your family!

August 16th-18th: Join us for our Fifth Annual Transit Back To School Weekend Lake Bash!  


Before everyone officially heads back out to school, we are going to spend a weekend camping at the lake!  Can’t make the whole weekend?  Don’t worry; you can come out for any day or night that we are there…. It’s a “FLOATING” lake trip full of Food, Fun, Watersports, & More!  We will be right down the road at Falls Lake Rollingview!  For details, a spot in a tent, and meals, please RSVP by August 11th!

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."


Romans 15:13


May 5           $ 42,069.03 

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May 26         $ 42,208.34


June 2          $ 39,108.43 

June 9          $ 28,840.43

June 16         $ 26,399.88

June 23        $  25,518.96

June 30       $ 30,198.47


Second Mile                     $ 1,450.00

Legacy Fund                      $ 4,265.0
Children’s Min.                 $ 340.00

 Romania Mission            $ 6,942.15

 Senior Adults                   $ 498.42

 Toronto                              $ 25.00

Bible Translation              $ 225.00

Music Ministry                 $ 660.00 


Second Mile                      $ 2,665.00
 Legacy Fund                     $ 5,424.3

 Children’s Min.                 $ 260.00

Toronto Mission               $ 413.33

  Bible Translation            $ 413.33

 Disaster Relief                 $ 1,770.00

 Senior Adults                   $ 1,163.42

Romania Mission             $ 2,042.00

 Student Ministry             $ 200.00

  Music Ministry               $ 500.00

  Education Ministry        $ 70.00


6-2: 602
6-9: 484
6-16: 541
6-23: 501
6-30: 448

7-7: 519
7-14: 470
7-21: 512
7-28: 469


  • Linda & Ed Rose by Linda and William Roberts (Music Ministry)

September is...

Wednesdays @ 6:15pm

To the families of...

  • Sharon Cowell in the loss of her husband, Richard

  • Jo Ella Bowling in the loss of her husband, Harold

  • Linda Strawbridge in the loss of her husband, Harold

  • Cheryl Dornheim

  • Mildred Rutledge


Memory of...

  • Richard Cowell by Judie & Rollin Burhans, Karen Wilson, Shari & Mark Latta, Sounds of Joy Choir, Dottie & Bucky Waters, Connie O’Neil, Karen & Tony Oliver, Leonard Smith, Raymond DuBose, Jackie & Barny Bernard, Jean & Bob Aitken (2nd Mile)

  • Charles Metts by Judie & Rollin Burhans (General Budget)

  • Harold Strawbridge by Sorrell Class, Betsy & Kent Fletcher (Music Ministry)

  • Harold Bowling by Nancy & Richard Brooke, Karen & Tony Oliver, Betsy & Kent Fletcher (Senior Adult Ministry)

  • Tony Moore by Judie & Rollin Burhans (General Budget)

  • Carlatta Wilkins by Judie & Rollin Burhans (General Budget)

october 13th


9:30am: First Service 

11:00am: First Lunch (in Café)

11:15am: Second Service

12:30am: Second Lunch (in Café)


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Living Christmas Tree Music/Program Reveal - Wednesday, August 21st at 6:30 PM.

If you love singing and you are remotely interested in joining us this year for the Living Christmas Tree, then come and join us for an evening of wintery fun starting in the Sanctuary.  We will unveil all the music and the theme of this year’s LCT.  If you  are an instrumentalist, you’ll need to bring your instrument.  One more thing if you come, you will be a part of some of the most special people in the world.  All we need is your email address so we can send you more information about this wonderful event. 


Sounds of Joy Choir

If you love singing and you can rehearse with us on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM  then the Sounds of Joy choir might be just for you.  We have a ton of fun and sing some of the older songs mixed with a few new ones.  You do not need to read music or have the best voice in the world but you love music then this an opportunity to join one of the most fun loving bunch of folks at our church.   This group is my most seasoned singing saints.

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