Values shape culture and they define the future.  Below, you’ll find 10 Core values of what matters most at Grey Stone. As we begin our journey into 2020 and a new decade, it’s a good time to reflect on what matters most at our church.  As the year and decade unfolds, these values will influence leadership decisions as well as ministry plans. They will provide guidance for staffing, resource allocation, and establishing the Kingdom goals our church pursues. Our core values keep us focused on the unique call God has given to us as a local church.

1. We believe biblical teaching is the catalyst for personal and church transformation. This involves the concept of teaching for life change and practical theology. (2 Tim. 3:16-17; James 1:23-25; Rom. 12:7)


2. We believe lost people matter to God, and therefore, they matter to the church. This includes the concept of relational evangelism. (Luke 15; Luke 5:30-32; 2 Peter 3:9)


3. We believe in the importance of family. Recognizing that one of the greatest strategies of Satan is the destruction of the home, we are committed to strengthening the lives of families. (Eph. 5:25-6:4; Psalm 127:1; Col 3:18-21)


4. We believe we are called to reach out to the nations from one centralized location.  This includes being financially supportive of full-time missionaries, assisting to plant churches around the world, and mobilizing our members for short term mission projects. (Matt.28:18-20; Acts 1:8; 2 Corin. 5:20)


5. We believe a posture of love and compassion for the most vulnerable is essential to following Jesus. This includes compassionate care and the alleviation of suffering for the poor, sick, disabled, widows and orphans. (Luke 10:30-37; Matt. 25:34-40; James 1:27)


6. We believe the church should operate as a community of humble servants, with each person utilizing their spiritual gifts and talents for the glory of God. (John 13:3-15; 1 Corin. 12 and 14; Eph. 4:11-16)


7. We believe the church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure. This includes addressing relevant subjects and having relevant ministries so we can represent the truth in love to our culture. (1 Corin.9:19-23; Jude 1:3; Rom. 1:16)


8. We believe excellence honors God and inspires people. This includes the ministries we establish, the facilities we manage, and the Kingdom goals we pursue. (Col. 3:17; 1 Corin. 10:31; Malachi 1:6-14)


9. We believe an environment of loving relationships and grace should permeate every aspect of church life.  This includes being motivated to serve by love, and providing grace filled responses in our interactions with each other. (1 Corin. 13; Luke 10:1; John 13:35)


10.  We believe the ultimate purpose of our ministry is to lead people to be fully devoted followers of Christ. This involves the concepts of stewardship, Lordship, servanthood, and visionary faith (Philippians 2:5-8; 2 Corin. 8:7; Heb. 11:6)

WRITTEN BY: Clay Waters Senior Pastor



group, we gain EARLY ADMISSION and PREFERrED SEATING to the ultimate worship experience at the PNC Arena.

MARCH 22nd 


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We are called to give back to God...


NAME: J.D. Gierach


EDUCATION: B.S. in Psychology at Furman University/Currently at Duke Divinity pursuing a Masters in Divinity

SPORTS TEAM: Grew up a Gators fan because of his dad

FAV FOOD: Chinese/Hibachi

FAV HOBBY: Music-Been recording, writing, producing, & playing since 13 years old

WEIRD FACT: Eats cereal with no milk in it & drinks the milk on the side instead

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Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, & Nov: Wednesdays @ 6:15pm in the Cafe

City-wide discipleship weekend will be hosted at Ridgecrest and students will have a blast in host homes! 

TICKETS: $40 (scholarships available)


Memory of...

 Chic Hall by Carolyn & Ernest Watson; Betty Browning; Betty Cowan; Betsy & Kent Fletcher; Norfleet Vincent; Rhonda & Matt Minor; Rebecca Thomas; Candace Taylor (Legacy Fund).  Carole & John LeBar; Bev & Alan Rigsbee; Kaye & Ronald Blake; Mr. & Mrs. Braxton McFarland (2nd Mile).

Harold Strawbridge by Liz & Weldon Cheek (Legacy); Raelene & John King (Music Min.); Linda Strawbridge (2nd Mile), Betsy & Kent Fletcher (Senior Choir).
Fred Leubuscher by Betty Browining (Legacy); Mr. & Mrs. Doug Grant (2nd Mile).
Don Lacefield by Betsy & Kent Fletcher; Theresa & Al Brown; Wagner Family; Lynn & Donald Yarboro; Emma & Bob Smart; Eleanor & Chris Hoover (Duke Brain Center)
Tina Finch by Palisades Episcopal School; Vernon Finch; Vickie Alford; Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Jeffreys; Barbara Pattishall; Patricia Raybon; Alice & RB Jones; Barbara Jones; Ingold Tire; Pat & John Cox; Alice & Keith Harrod; James Gurley; Faith Builders Class; Kay King; Betsy Pendergraph (Legacy).
Shirley Hizer Denker by Julie Soles; Connie O’Neil ; Lilies of Hope Home Care(2nd Mile).
Betty Melvin by Jennifer Piper (Education Min.); Pamela Sater (Foreign Missions); Gwendolyn Waddell-Schultz (Legacy); T.S. Johnson (Foreign Missions); Raelene & John King (Senior Ministry).
Tommy Woodruff by Margie & Gayle Bomar (Legacy)


Pam Ladd by RFI Foundation (Children’s Ministry).

Robin & Ken Strawbridge by Liz & Weldon Cheek (Legacy).

To the families of...

Julia Moore; Chic Hall; Linda Johnson; Betty Melvin; Carolyn Elliott in the loss of her husband, Willy; Alisa Smith in the loss of her mother, Alice Edwards; Naomi Leubuscher in the loss of her husband, Fred; Carla Lacefield in the loss of her husband, Don; Bud Denker in the loss of his wife, Shirley Hizer Denker; Tony Elliott in the loss of his mother, Maria Elliott; Vernon Finch in the loss of his wife, Tina; Donna Sisson in the loss of her father, Edward McDonald; Linda Wilson in the loss of her mother; Tony Oliver in the loss of his father; Peggy Barnes in the loss of her husband, Cliff.

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