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Here are some online resources (from downloadable PDF's to video studies) that you can use while at home, work, or on the go.

Proverbs Quarterly

for life groups


6-21: Session 1: Charted Waters

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

6-28: Session 2: Direction Offered

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-05: Session 3: Compassion Demonstrated

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-12: Session 4: The Choice

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-19: Session 5: Following God's Design

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-26: Session 6: Pursuing Wisdom

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-02: Session 7: Living Wisely

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-09: Session 8: Pleasing God

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-16: Session 9: Staying Sober

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-23: Session 10: Accepting Discipline

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-30: Session 11: Finding Honor 

(Download .PDF Guide Here)

Life Groups Are Currently Using Zoom Meetings.  Please contact your Life Group leader for access and customized teaching schedules.



The Grey Stone Church Family is going to go through the Book of James as an Online Bible Study!  Each week from June 2 - August 25, join in for a 30 - minute video teaching by Matt Chandler and some follow-up Bible verses and notes on your own.  (You will need to use the Lifeway Small Groups App to watch the video teachings on your device.)

Online Schedule: Download Study Guide Here

6-02: Session 1: Brother/Servant (Download .PDF Guide Here)

6-09: Session 2: Trials/Temptations (Download .PDF Guide Here​)

6-16: Session 3: Hearer/Doer (Download .PDF Guide Here​)

6-23: Session 4: Judgement/Mercy (Download .PDF Guide Here​)

6-30: Session 5: Faith/Works (Download .PDF Guide Here​)

7-07: Session 6: Blessings/Curses (Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-14: Session 7: False Wisdom/True Wisdom (Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-21: Session 8: Worldliness/Godliness (Download .PDF Guide Here)

7-28: Session 9: Arrogance/Humility (Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-04: Session 10: Oppressor/Laborer (Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-11: Session 11: Suffering/Comfort (Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-04: Session 12: Faithful/Faithless (Download .PDF Guide Here)

8-11: Session 13: Wanderer/Restorer (Download .PDF Guide Here)

Facing Your Giants

Max Lucado

During this season, Max Lucado is providing another FREE Summer Online Bible Study based on one of his bestselling books, Facing Your Giants examining King David's life. In this study, Max invites you to learn how God is equipping you to face YOUR own giants.  As a member of this study, you'll gain free access to video content from Max, a private online study community, and exclusive bonus content! Join in this insightful study and let King David’s life inspire you. The same God who helped him is ready to help you. Note: Registrants will be contacted directly with links and resources by email from Max and Bible Gateway.

The Rock, the road, and the rabbi

kathie lee gifford

This is your invitation to join us for The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi Online Bible Study!  Through 6 weeks of teaching videos from Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel that you can enjoy right from your home.  You'll see that this study is loaded with holy history and holy Scripture so prepare to learn and grow in you understanding and relationship with the Word of God... and Jesus, Himself.  This discipleship study is online.

You'll get through this

max lucado

In You'll Get Through This, Max Lucado reminds us that no matter what we pit we find ourselves in, God has a plan and a pathway forward. God doesn't promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. That certainly wasn't the case for Joseph in the Bible, who was tossed in a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery, wrongfully imprisoned, forgotten, and dismissed, but God ultimately used the intended evil against Joseph for a greater purpose. If you're saying "Yes, I need this study right now", you can join now. This discipleship study is online.

Ladies Study

it's not supposed to be this way: Lysa TerKeurst

Online August 2nd (6 Weeks)

The "It's Not Supposed To Be This Way" Online Bible Study will take us on a journey through Scripture that proves that in the midst of disappointments, God is still good.  We can't think of a more fitting message for these uncertain times we're facing than Lysa's word of hope: "What if all this is actually...good"?  That the Author of "all that is" has seen every disappointment, trial, and uncertainty of today and still each moment of it is to get us to where we are going.  You don't have to fight through your disappointments, tears, and unanswered questions alone.

Note: Registrants will be contacted directly with links and resources by email from Lysa and Study Gateway.

anxious for nothing

max lucado

If you need some more peace in your life, you are in the right place.  With God as your helper, after walking through this study, you will sleep better and smile more.  You'll re-frame the way you face your fears.  You'll learn how to talk yourself off the ledge, view bad news through the lens of sovereignty, discern the lies of Satan, and tell yourself the truth.  You will discover life characterized by calm and will develop tools for facing the onslaughts of anxiety.


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