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A Note From Pastor Jamo:


As our Summer JAM Leadership Team has been following Covid-19 and the current restrictions, we have been discussing our desire to provide a safe and exciting experience for all of our kids. After prayerfully considering several options and variables, we are excited to announce that for this summer we will launch Summer JAM with the FAM 2020. This incredible week will take place in the comfort of your own home, work within your schedule, and provide a great opportunity for family time. The Concrete and Cranes theme this year will remind our families more than ever that Jesus is our strong foundation. Summer JAM with the FAM will start on Sunday July 19th and conclude on Thursday July 24th.


Daily videos will be available on this page each day. 


Realizing that Summer JAM is a great community event, we did not want this special week to be missed. We are excited about your family’s participation in Summer JAM with the FAM 2020.

Pastor Jamison "Jamo" Berthold


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