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life groups enable seekers to find and believers to mature in christ. 


The central backbone of the church family has traditionally been known as "Sunday School." But Life Groups are more than just the idea of a classroom setting. We believe that growing in faith is much more than an educational experience. Through fellowship and connecting with others,  Sunday Life Groups are the community of our church. We go through life together. It is where friendships are born, where laughter and tears are shared, and through this growth, these life challenges are prayed over and experienced together. In these dynamic relationships, we not only learn about God, but the experiences we share including Bible study, form a tightly-woven tapestry of relationships that will last for eternity.

Since our Grey Stone Family includes a variety of people in all walks of life, we have many Life Group options. There are groups for every age and stage of life to suit the needs of our diverse family. All groups are open to all and cover a variety of resources for Biblical literacy, spiritual growth, and tackle real-life applications!



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