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infant room

Our nursery is designed and set up with babies in mind. Little ones in this room range from 8 weeks old to taking their first steps. Throughout this stage in your child's life, our goal at GSKU is to surround them with love and an environment suited for them.


We have a designated sleeping area with cribs as well as a safe play area for those that are alert and active during their time at church. We have a whiteboard system in place for parents to put pertinent information regarding feeding schedules, diapering, contact info, and other special requests. Every Crib is numbered and correlates to the whiteboard. Diaper bags, blankets, and other personal items can be placed in the crib that is associated with a number on the whiteboard. It would be most helpful for your little one and us if your diaper bag, bottles, and loose items are labeled with your Childs name. 


toddler room

In our toddler room we welcome those who are steady on their feet up to the age of almost 3. During this stage of life, we know that kids are curious and eager to learn new things. Our toddler room is outfitted with toys and furniture to suit their needs. Our children are surrounded by teachers with a heart for this age group and experience hands on activities as well as biblical truths.


At the beginning of the Life Group hour (10:00am) our Toddlers join our preschoolers in The Space Station for Puppets to participate in an interactive worship.


Something you will find similar to the Nursery is that we ask  parents to label diaper bags and sippy cups with your child's name. When walking in the room, diaper bags can be placed on the counter in an orderly fashion. 

If you have any questions about our Nursery at GSKU please contact us!


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