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Welcome to Dx2: Distance Discipleship!  

Jesus encourages us in Matthew 18:20 with these words:

"For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them."

Welcome to Dx2 with GreyStoneEDU. This online course is "How to Have a Quiet Time with God" with Mrs. Johnsie Woody. Spending time with the Lord each day is vital to our relationship with God. This course will help you lay out a pattern for your daily time in the Word and with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This course includes three (online) sessions with Johnsie Woody 

***Participants must register to receive access and resources for the online study. Our hope is that two or three will gather in two or three brief sessions for each course. And Jesus promises to be right here with us! 

Ready? .....Let's go!

About This Course:

Spending time with God is vital to having a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. How can we structure our day to include these very important moments?

Through this online format Johnsie Woody will lay out a pattern for spending this time with the Lord and in His Word, the Bible. This crucial time includes making time for Thanksgiving, Confession, Praise, Bible Reading, Journaling, and Prayer.

  • Session 1: Introduction of a Quiet Time Pattern

  • Session 2: A Time of Worship & A Time in the Word

  • Session 3: A Time of Prayer


How To Have A Quiet Time with Johnsie Woody


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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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