Pertinent Questions:


Do I have to reserve my spot to attend? No


Where should I enter the sanctuary? On the ramp side or Hillsborough Rd Side (15th street entrance will be closed/ this is the entrance with all the outside stairs).


Where should I park? All parking lots will be open. 


What about my kids? Families with small children will need to continue to worship online.  Families with children 2d-5th grades are invited to join us for our indoor services.  Your children will need to wear masks.  We realize this could be a challenge so consider two other options: 1) One parent comes to the worship service on our campus while the other parent stays home with the kids for online worship (switch up staying home every other week between mom and dad)  

2) Continue to have the whole family worship online in a home setting  (Remember, this is a season, it will not last forever). 


Do I need to wear a mask? Yes


How will seating be handled? Each family household can sit together, but anyone not in your family must be at least 6 feet from you. Every other pew will be roped off so we can practice social distancing. 


Can I give my offering at the service? We encourage you to continue to give online to support our ministry. However, offering drop boxes will be available at the exits where you can place your offering. 


What about Life Groups? Life groups will continue to meet online, not on our campus.


How long will the service last? Approximately 1 hour. After the service is over, you will be released row by row. 


Note: Our temporary plan may be adjusted at any time to accommodate various circumstances.

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