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At Grey Stone KIds U, our alyssa's friends ministry is designed to help children with special needs experience God in a unique way. We know that God has created every person and child in His image, just the way he designed them. We do not see disabilities as disabilities, but as gifts that God has given to reveal His nature and His glory. We have a very experienced volunteer team who have an incredible skills and heart for this ministry. Within this ministry, we try to meet many different sensory needs both for our verbal & non-verbal children. We currently have use one main room for our kids, with having access to another space if necessary. 

Before joining our alyssa's friends ministry, we ask that parents print out and bring with you a completed copy of the information packet sharing info that would be helpful for our volunteer team. We would also love to hear from you  to ask any questions you might have about this ministry.

alyssa's friends ministry opens doors at 10:00am (Life Group hour) and remains open through the 11:15am worship hour 

the inspiring story behind alyssa's friends

"Our family started attending Grey Stone in late 2006 after our oldest daughter, Lindsey had participated in Upward Cheerleading at the church. At that time she was five years old and Alyssa, our younger daughter was two. As parents we were still relatively new at the parenting role, but we had noticed that Alyssa was developing differently than Lindsey. We would leave her in the childcare area at church each Sunday, but would hear from the teachers that she often had a difficult time.

Subsequently, she was diagnosed with Autism in June 2007. At that point we shared with the teachers and leaders at church her diagnosis. Shortly after this, the children’s pastor approached us about making modifications for the care of Alyssa on Sunday mornings. This was due to the difficulty of her behaviors with the other children.  At first it was hard to accept that Alyssa required something different than the other children at the church. From this, alyssa’s friends ministry emerged with the help of several very compassionate volunteers who had made a connection with Alyssa on Sunday mornings. These dedicated individuals researched ideas and visited other churches that had similar programs to put together this ministry. It started out very small with only 3 children in the class.

Over the years, we have seen this ministry grow. We have developed great friendships with volunteers and other parents within this ministry. During this very challenging time, our relationship to Christ was strengthened and it continues to grow as we are able to attend church without the stress of worrying about Alyssa. We know that she is being cared for in a loving, safe, and accepting environment."

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