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The Winter Tribal Challenge is for church groups of boys and girls in grades 3-5th and their chaperones. Our program is much different than summer camp as we work together as a team to accomplish fun challenges and competitions. Through these experiential learning challenges, worship, age appropriate teaching, games, recreation, and free time we hope that your children’s group will grow closer to God and each other.

Dear Parents,

I pray that you will prayerfully consider sending your 3rd-5th grader on this amazing adventure. During our time at The Winter Tribal Challenge, our kids make huge leaps in their relationships with each other as well as their relationship with God. Every year our kids come back raving about the experiences they had at Camp Caraway! I look forward to what God will do through our kids this year at The Winter Tribal Challenge! I cant wait!

-Pastor Jamo

Space is limited

deadline DECEMBER 31st






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