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My one word

Mike Ashcroft

A new year brings new «resolutions.’» But the problem is we rarely follow through on them. “My One Word” is an experiment designed to move you from resolutions to focus by picking ONE WORD.Mike Ashcroft has been challenging his church members to focus on one way that they would like to grow through the course of the year, and it has come with amazing results. Now he brings that same challenge to you in One Word, a 3-session, video-based challenge. This year, lose the long list of resolutions and find lasting change by spending an entire year focusing on just one thing that you most hope God will do in you.

Our resolutions seldom work because they are based on the type of person we’re tired of being rather than who God wants us to become. Plus, resolutions can be “broken,” leaving no room for the process of growth. What if our hopes for the year ahead centered instead on who God wants us to become, and the transformation process?It’s okay to want to be a better you, and the New Year is a natural time to start. The question is, how? My One Word replaces broken promises with a vision for real change. When you choose a single word, you have a clarity and focus. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past.

2020 has been tough! We're so divided along Party lines, Economic lines, and now especially, Racial lines. That division has crept into some of our churches too. But God did not design the church to be that way. We should beUN-Divided!
As a member of this study, you'll gain free access to video content in a private online study community, and exclusive bonus content! Join Pastors J.D. Grear and Dhati Lewis in these 5 discussions about having a gospel community
(presented by the North American Mission Board).

Session 1 Download .PDF Guide HERE

Session 2 Download .PDF Guide HERE

Session 3 Download .PDF Guide HERE

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Session 5 Download .PDF Guide HERE

Bonus Session Download .PDF Guide HERE

game plan for life with coach joe gibbs

Joe Gibbs

Joe Giibbs is a former Winning NFL Coach and current NASCAR Owner.  "A successful organization starts with its people." This has long been the philosophy of Joe Gibbs. It helped carry him to 3 Super Bowl championships and the Pro Football Hall of Fame as head coach of the NFL’s Washington Redskins, and has been a defining principle behind building Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) into one of NASCAR’s most successful multi-team racing organizations.  Gibbs’ latest project is Game Plan for Life, his New York Times Best Selling book and its corresponding ministry (www.gameplanforlife.com). He's assembled an amazing team of experts to respond to the issues  which are the most pressing in men’s lives. The results are a modern day game plan for a successful life based on God’s Word. Each weekly session includes prayer, an encouraging word, and that week's Personal Training. The session continues with a video object lesson from the Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) shop,  The bulk of the video teaching occurs, with Coach illustrating the topic with experiences from his own life and an “assistant coach” or expert sharing more in-depth teaching on the topic in an interview format.

Ladies study

Genesis with Rachel Ruth (Lotz) Wright

Rachel-Ruth Wright was born and reared in Raleigh, North Carolina, the daughter of Anne Graham Lotz and granddaughter of Billy Graham. Following graduation from Baylor University in Waco, TX, she married Steven Wright, a high school football coach, and now has three daughters:  Bell, Sophia, and Riggin.Rachel-Ruth teaches a weekly women’s Bible Study at the University of North Carolina and has shared God’s Word at numerous events around the country. She also serves on the Board of Directors for AnGeL Ministries, in addition to chairing the weekly prayer team that undergirds her mother’s ministry. Using the Three Question Bible Study Method, join Rachel Ruth online for this walk through the Book of Genesis. You will download a pdf guide for each week.


ZIMBABWE:  This year a new team will be working in Zimbabwe, Africa near the city of Harare. Our goal is to establish a partnership with a local church, provide discipleship, women’s ministry, and children’s Bible study resources for the villages and local communities. We will be on location working in a rural setting, providing a holiday Bible school and L.I.F.E. Conference.

ZAMBIA:  Grey Stone teams also travel to a location in Zambia, Africa.  We work on location in the “bush country” working with the Mawawa people in the Western Province and in the city of Mongu. We will be working with local missionary Austin Maseka to organize a L.I.F.E. Conference for the villages and communities.


Since 2013, we have sent teams to a location in Asia to establish a relationship with on-site IMB Missionaries and prospective avenues for future work. We are attempting to supplement work with an unreached people group (the Nosu and Han people) under a 15-year commitment.

MISSION: boston

Grey Stone believes church planting is one of the most effective ways to spread the gospel of Christ. Grey Stone has planted many churches and most recently we are focused on the strategic city initiative with the North American Mission Board.  

We are helping to plant churches in some of the most strategic cities in America. Presently, we are helping to plant a church in Boston. There are opportunities to go to Boston on short term mission trips as we support Victor Moura, the church planter, and the work at Grace Church.


Central America and Caribbean (C&C): Since 2008, Grey Stone has been sending teams to spread the gospel to Haiti with ministries in Port-au-Prince. Our teams have provided construction for three church plants, medical outreach, ministered to the orphans, led a teacher-academy at a school, trained local pastors, encouraged the missionaries at the orphanage, & worked in the community through evangelism efforts and compassion projects. We also have a rotating student project in Belize.

mission: Europe

Grey Stone will send a 10-member medical mission team to the Roma Gypsies in Romania (a minority group on the edge of society in deep poverty). They will work with Hungarian Christians and an American missionary. This is a partnership with the NC Baptists on Mission.

mission: usa

We have two ongoing projects in the United States: Disaster Relief and New York Graffiti. We work to provide relief from suffering caused by disasters by providing services, care and assistance. We work with various disaster organizations to achieve this goal.

We are also partnered with Graffiti Church which is located on the lower east side of NYC. Annually, we collect and deliver school supplies as well as used coats for the Graffiti Kids After School program. This allows us to provide a low-cost, Christ-centered after school option for the community.

The Bull City: 2nd MILE

And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.

Wednesdays: doors open @ 7am
Call  919.286.3596 to hear a detailed message  for more information.
 ​ please note: A Photo ID is required for all assistance.
If financial assistance is needed  a copy of the outstanding bill is also required.

grey stone men:

We want to help men build lasting bonds with other men in their community and grow deeper in their relationship with God the Father.


grey stone women:

We want to help women walk in relationship with other women and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.


Senior Adults

Finding balance in your everyday life is a challenge; from family commitments to personal relationships, we often find ourselves being stretched-thin, offering only our leftovers to God. Instead, let us fix our attention on God and be radically changed from the inside-out.

senior life groups
Baptist Aging Ministry of North
Carolina (NCBAM):
The One Hope Phone Line:
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GSKU Family Resources

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  • Nov 29: Unit 27- Session 4
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 1
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2
  • Dec 06: Unit 28- Session 2

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